Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jessi Slaughter Given PCP By Her Father (VIDEOS)

Jessi Slaughter Given PCP By Her Father.

I just arrived from a long travel and OMG I can't believe Jessi Slaughter AKA Kerligirl13 is still making buzz on the web.Now, it's about Jessi Slaughter given PCP by her father.  Jessi /Kerligirl13 is only 11 years old but she's got too much of the bad words coming out of her mouth. Her popularity online should have already alerted YOUTUBE Admin regarding her uploaded videos. Will Youtube ban Kerligirl13? Will YOUTUBE disable Jessi Slaughter's account?  Will Kerligirl13's youtube videos be all removed after all these? I shall look forward to what's going to happen next and if Kerligirl13 banned from youtube really happen.


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Jessi Slaughter Given PCP By Her Father (VIDEOS)
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