Monday, July 19, 2010

Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts: Username and Password

Rapidshare is very popular. Every web user must have at least once used rapidshare to download files.  Rapidshare allows one to upload and download movies, videos, songs, files, etc for free and for a fee. If you are not a paying premium rapidshare user your upload and downloads are limited. Hence, the need to get a Rapidshare Premium Account. However, the cost is not too appealing. Thus more and more people use the web to search for free rapidshare premium accounts. One thing is certain, there are rapidshare usernames and passwords online which you can easily find in websites and blogs. Most these accounts have been hacked. Only very few of these actually work. 

I discourage everyone from using free rapidshare premium log-in accounts that are available online. Here's why
1. As most of these accounts are hacked, once you use them, it will create a flag in the system. You can either continue to log-in and use the account for few times before it gets blocked if you're lucky. Or you either get to log-in but can't download or upload files and get blocked.

2. When you are caught by Rapidshare using hacked rapidshare premium accounts, Rapidshare might totally ban your IP address hence hindering you from using the site completely.

The quick solution to making the most out of your free rapidshare non premium account is to download IDM or Internet Download Manager to increase your download speed and to avail of the Rapidshare Happy Hours.

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Free Rapidshare Premium Accounts: Username and Password
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