Saturday, June 5, 2010

Watch UFC 115 Live Stream Free| Watch UFC 115 Online Free

UFC 115: Liddell vs Franklin is a sports event sponsored by The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). UFC 115 live stream will take place on June 12, 2010 at the General Motors Place, Vacouver, British Columbia Canada. UFC 115 Live Stream is the 4th UFC Event to be hosted in Canada. The previous UFC matches that also took place in Canada were UFC 83, UFC 97, and UFC 113.

Just last year a bill was passed in British columbia to sanction MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) to hold UFC events in the area. The issue has been resolved and UFC 115 Live Stream will officially take place in Vancouver as scheduled.

All UFC fanatics must watch UFC 115 live on Pay Per View. Yes, this is a PPV event. You must subscribe to watch UFC 115 live streaming. UFC 115 will also be shown in theaters across United States. But as expected, even though UFC 115 like any other UFC matches is a PPV event, fans will continue to find solace in the web to watch UFC 115 online free or UFC 115 live stream free play by play, ufc 115 replay video, ufc 115 Liddell vs Franklin Video.

Perhaps, all these years, and amidst the numerous UFC events that have taken place, fans, web surfers will never learn and will by choice take their chances at finding working links, websites, blogs (JUSTINTV, SOPCAST, USSTream, YouTube) to watch UFC 115 Live Stream Free.

As a netizen, I've seen this trend, and with great certainty, there will be bunch of these sites telling you you can watch UFC 115 online free right on their very websites and blogs. You will just get disappointed most of the time. But if you dare, just make sure you have all your antivirus programs up and running to keep you protected.

UFC 115 Fight Cards, UFC 115 start time/kick off time, UFC 115 results will be provided here later on.

Who do you think will win? Liddell or Franklin?
Watch UFC 115 Live on PPV

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Watch UFC 115 Live Stream Free| Watch UFC 115 Online Free
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