Thursday, June 3, 2010

Garlic To Cure Acne

The vodka drinking I guiltfree indulged in last week has resulted to alcohol allergy attack. As a consequence I had skin rashes on my back and new stubborn acne on my face started coming out. My daily regimen wasn't good enough to cure my acne fast. So I resorted to a home made treatment in combination with synthetic over the counter anti acne ointments. Works like charm for me!

I am now using garlic to cure acne. Garlic has active sulphur which is known to be one of the natural antiobiotics. You can also eat fresh garlic as part of your diet if you can sustain the smell. But I can't so I'd stick to just applying the juice on my pimples.

Anyway, first thing I did was to make the mixture. Here's what I did exactly:
  1. Crushed and minced two cloves of garlic to extract the juice.This would be easier if you have that gadget to mince garlic.
  2. Placed the minced garlic on a cup.
  3. Added warm water to extract the juice even more and to lessen the concentration. I put about 1/4 cup of warm water. But there is really no exact rule on this one. You can use the garlic juice as is without water too.
  4. Placed the mixture (garlic juice only) inside a container (I used an old nivea sparkling white container as shown in the photo).

How To Apply: (Personal Experience)
  1. Get a cotton ball/cotton bud and dip it on the mixture.
  2. Wipe it on your acne or pimple.
  3. Wash your face after a minute or two or use a cleanser.
  • Do a skin test first before using garlic on your face.
  • Don't leave the mixture for so long on your face. Garlic is so strong that it can burn your face. I don't let the garlic juice sit on my face for so long. For stubborn acne, I tolerate up to 5 minutes only. Others leave it overnight. Again, do the skin test first before going the extra mile.
The garlic mixture can last for a few days. It is best to refrigerate it. In my case, I don't use the mixture anymore after 3 to 4 days. Fresh is always better. And if you want to eat garlic without the ugly smell, you can soak the garlic in milk for a few minutes before munching it.


Garlic juice quickly cures my acne. I use it thrice a day- in the morning, afternoon, and before sleeping. I'd see results in the evening. By that I mean the pimples have shrunk in size, the redness is gone. The next day, the acne/pimple has completely dried up (now time to worry about the scars, huh!) This is not exaggeration. One body's healing capabilities varies from person to person. Also if the acne is really too stubborn, you might not see results that fast. For really stubborn pimples I also use Panoxyl Gel after using the garlic juice.

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Garlic To Cure Acne
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