Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Battling with Boredom and Idleness

I woke up today feeling better but still tensed. I had 1 slice of papaya and 2 pieces of banana plus coffee for breakfast. I am on a diet trying to look better and healthier after I gained 6 kilos the past months. Seeing myself squeezed on my favorite jeans is a poison to my eyes... one of the reasons I'd wish there were no mirrors invented..lol. What about the ugly feeling of being choked waist down to my legs, and not being able to breathe freely. Ughh! What a pain! I might be vain but we all are don't we? There are only a few things in life we could control and that includes looking and feeling good, or at least trying to look your best. It benefits everyone, except for your enemies perhaps. hahaha! Oops! I just laughed..that's a lot better. But on second thought, we laugh the hardest when we are at our weakest or loneliest.. :( whatever!

As you can notice, I'm writing again. Anything goes as I write considering the situation I am in. I just want to kill the slightest hue of boredom. Boredom and me are old time foes. We hate each other. When boredom strikes everything is just magnified- the pain, the agony, the worries. Thus, I barricade myself with the best forms of diversion. I also make sure my armory of "to do things" are full. I won't throw the white flag.. No, I will not rest on my bed and be absorbed in thoughts and idle silence. Lest boredom wins in our cold war.

So anyways, here are what I did today to irritate my foe -(Boredom)
  1. I woke up early and exercised...then had breakfast.

  2. I texted all of my friends, hence my phone almost didn't stop beeping

  3. I talked to my mother and everyone else in the kitchen as they prepared for lunch. And yes we talked about boys and silly stuffs.

  4. washed my clothes after eating my lunch. It took a few while for me to finish and I hurt my hands.. Oh well, maybe it's because of the harsh powdered detergent I used.

  5. I went facebook-ing and chatted with my friends. Facebook is a big help. It makes me forget about time.

  6. I updated this blog (ooops still updating..)
Time is so precious and it shouldn't be wasted in idleness or inactivity.. So I end this post and off I go to do another thing worthwhile..:)

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Battling with Boredom and Idleness
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March 24, 2010 at 4:20 AM delete

idleness? what are you talking about? you've been productive.

*points at the list above*

March 24, 2010 at 4:43 PM delete

@procne, hhaahaha.. trying to be productive lagi ko ani.. laay if walay buhaton and mas maka remember lang ko sa akoa problems in life..haay layp!