Monday, February 1, 2010

How To Boost Your Romance

I was thinking of writing about what transpired in my life today. But I am kinda hesitant to do that. Am still having second thoughts of telling you guys about the very personal matters of my life, like what activities I indulge into now that I have deactivated my facebook account, or the very simple things in my daily existence, like what I ate for breakfast, or that I have a new pimple on my face and that I just got my period today... or that while I was updating this blog I hurt my knee (got a little scratch which does hurt)..etc.. But if I tell you these things( oops am already telling you..),would that interest you then? Well maybe not really. ..So for now I will have to write about articles that everyone can relate to and then perhaps when I get my own flock of followers then I'll start telling you all the nonsense stories of my life.

Anyhoo, let's get back to my personal tips on "How To Boost Your Romance". There are so many ways you can boost your romance life and get more close with your partner. Here are some of my tips. (this article is also found on my other blog.)

1. Relish the Small Stuff.
There is no need for an action to show gestures of love and sweetness. Why not bring your partner a bunch of flower or prepare a candle lit dinner at home, or just cuddle with each other outside during a starry starry night.

2. Be Selfish with your Time
Ignore your friends for the time being and have the weekend exclusive for just the two of you. Get disconnected with the outside world. Just think of you and your partner and no one and nothing else.

3. Argue
The little day to day frustrations that build up between the two of you helps. Little misunderstandings add to a more exciting relationship. Remember opposite polls attract. Just make sure you settle your misunderstandings before going to sleep.

4. Reminisce the Happy Past
Bringing back those happy memories can instantly boost your love for each other and give you instant joy. So why not talk about your past happy experiences as you cuddle each other on your house porch or at your garden.

5. Play
You don't have to spend much for a good date. Why not challenge your partner to a poker game-- not your ordinary poker game, but a sexy strip poker game. Or play any game and whoever loses must do a sexy dance and strip down.

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How To Boost Your Romance
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February 2, 2010 at 1:36 AM delete

may dalaw ka pala..hehehehe

February 2, 2010 at 1:44 AM delete

I like the last tip.. It's so sexy.. I might try that with my boyfriend.. thanks for this info.